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Hope Is On Your Way AB has rescued hundreds of animals since its inception. We have pulled animals out of boxes in Dumpsters, picked them up off the street after car injuries, and rescued them from abandoned properties and puppy mills. Unlike some rescue organizations, we do not wait until someone calls to tell us about an animal that needs help. Daily, we are out on the streets ourselves -- feeding strays, listening for the whimpers of distressed animals behind high fences and locked doors, and searching out animals that may need rescue. Here are photos of some of the animals we have encountered -- and the conditions in which we found them. Each animal we take in receives prompt veterinary care (including spaying or neutering), nutritious food and clean water, love and attention from our all-volunteer staff.

This dog was left tied to a fence with a rope so short she could not lie down or even sit.

Neglected for years, this matted dog had nails so long he could not even walk normally.

This cat was trying to survive in a trash-strewn alley.

Sofia was found painfully thin, tied up in the cold, without water, food or shelter. She is now recovering in a new home.

Shot twice in the face, Ricky's eye required surgical removal. He is off the streets of Baltimore, and adopted into a permanent home.

<   By the time we found Snow's kittens, all but one had died. Her owner permitted us to remove Snow and her remaining baby.

This pregnant cat was able to deliver in warmth and safety after we rescued her from the alleys of Baltimore. >

Max was found wearing a tight two-inch thick steel chain as a collar.

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